Coca-Cola launches alcohol brand to survive

Coca-Cola’s plans to release an alcoholic beverage in Japan in 2018 is a survival strategy according to big data experts.

margarita bringer

Heyo everytone! I have a taco bar party to go to tomorrow with some buddies and I am responcible for the margaritas. I don't really want to jack around with frozen, cause I want to have fun there not be making frozen drinks all night.

How should I do the margaritas? Should I bring all the separate components and mix them individually there? Or can I get away with pre-making a "batch" and dispensing over ice at the party?

Anyhoot, let me know what you would do and recipes and low-mid range ingredients!

Thanks so much!!

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What are the connotations of some common mixed drinks?

I've found myself drinking more socially recently, and I discovered that different mixed drinks have different connotations. I'm not worried about what people will think about what I order or make, I'm just interested in getting up to speed with everyone else. So here's some common mixed drinks! To YOU, what are the connotations of each:

  • Gin & tonic
  • Jack and coke
  • Rum and coke
  • Vodka and coke
  • Moscow mule
  • Long Island Iced Tea
  • White Russian
  • Black Russian
  • Vodka Red Bull
  • Margarita
  • Mojito
  • Bloody Mary
  • Martini
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Whisky Sour
  • More…

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What to do with orange vodka?

Hi, just like the title says, Ive obtained a fifth of absolute mandrin and im not sure what to mix it with, im looking for something simple to drink on st. pattys

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How did you guys feel about limoncello?

My friend has been recommending it to me for a few weeks now, and I think I might give in and buy a bottle. What are some good brands at a decent price, and how do you guys like to drink it? My friend said he uses it to chase shots.

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Beam Suntory targets high-end on-premise, HORECA with On the Rocks pre-mixed tie-up

Beam Suntory has teamed up with RTS cocktail manufacturer On the Rocks for a line of pre-mixed cocktails in the US.

Espolon Reposado

My financee and I have recently discovered Espolon. We really enjoy the reposado. I've read all the reviews but curious about what the generall community thinks of Espolon, in particular compared to Patron or other high end brands. Do you like it more or less? Which are you more likely to buy? I'm genuinely curious as I work at a liqour store and see lots of sales daily. I'm curious what the general opinion is and what goes in on people's head when they buy one brand over another.

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Brown-Forman’s BenRiach Cask Strength Batch 2 – Product Launch

Brown-Forman has followed the release 12 months ago of the first batch of BenRiach Cask Strength with the release of batch two.

Carlsberg’s Carlsberg 1883 Dark Lager – Product Launch

Carlsberg has launched a new beer that is a rebrew of a lager first brewed in 1883.

Drinks industry unveils Europe-wide alcohol labelling approach

Seven alcohol trade associations operating in Europe have teamed up to deliver their self-regulatory proposal covering the on-pack detailing of ingredients and nutritional information.